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Month: November 2021

Eco Innovations

Industrial Ovens – Useful Information

Industrial ovens are mainly used in big companies or firms that produce all kinds of baking products and fast foods. They are also used by industries that engage in large-scale cooking and large-scale food production. The big ovens have the…


Are You Feeling NYC Heat Rage? Here Are Some Simple Tips to Keep Your Cool

In the typical summer heat up in the Northeast, people have been noticing their tempers tend to be a little shorter as the thermometer has risen. NYC is in the crosshairs of this excessive heat wave coupled with the humidity…

Eco Innovations

Is Graphene The Universal Material Of The Future?

What is Graphene? You can’t open a tech site today and NOT find something about Graphene, the material some scientists say will change almost every aspect of our lives. But what is Graphene? Read on to learn about it’s amazing…


Truth Never Changes, Languages Do

The English Language. The apostles never used it. I say this in jest, but I would not be surprised if there are some who believe that the King James Version of the Bible was handed down from that august group….


Kangana Ranaut Wants Modi in Power Again

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began with film and sports by many Indians and praised the celebrities from all the major sectors. Bollywood actress and controversial Kangana Ranaut is one of those who believe in their leadership skills. As Modi arrives…

News and Society

Do All Americans Enjoy The Same RIGHTS?

What does it mean, if, liberty and justice, for all, seems to prioritize, certain people, over others? All men are created equal, seems like an empty promise, and/ or, rhetoric, when it doesn’t apply, to all! If, you believe, all…

News and Society

Why Social Distancing Is Near Impossible In India!

Before going to the practical problems of maintaining social distancing we must mention at the outset about the basic traits of the Indians: that they are one of the most hospitable lots of the world always loving company in abundance…


COVID-19 Vaccine Race: Russia Declares Sputnik V Breakthrough!

Russia becomes the first country in the world to officially approve a COVID-19 vaccine, significantly named ‘Sputnik V’; Sputnik 1 was the first ever orbital satellite launched in 1957 which set off a space war between the superpowers, the USA…


Leaf Scorch and Other Tree Leaf Diseases

Tree diseases are prevalent in residential and commercial landscapes all year long and season after season. In some cases, there isn’t much a home or property owner can do to prevent these illnesses from taking over their foliage. If you…


Speak My Language!

“God wrote one Bible… and it’s the KJV… “ That’s what I hear in some quarters. These folks seem to picture God at a table, writing a book, then passing it to us on golden plates. Kinda like the Book…