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Month: November 2021

News and Society

What Kind Of WORLD, Do We Need?

If, you feel, many times, we need a WORLD, where we witness, greater cooperation, and attempts, for some sorts of meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater/ common good, you are not alone! We’ve heard lamentations, in…

Eco Innovations

All About Flight Simulator Controls

Flight simulator controls are quality devises that can be engaged in handling and managing flight environments. They are usually used in the airline industry. They are very useful for controlling different kinds of helicopters and airplanes. Most pilots, technicians and…


Why Deficits Matter: 5 Examples

For many reasons, our public officials, and politicians, focus on responsibly budgeting, not, based on doing what’s necessarily, best for the United States, but, often, more on politics, and some political decision, agenda, and/ or self – interest. However, the…

Eco Innovations

Did the Alternative Energy Bubble Burst, or Has It Been Deflating All Along?

Over the years, as the coordinator for think tank, I have been privy to read many business plans made by entrepreneurs trying to cash in on the free flow of money propping up the alternative energy sector. As you know…