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Month: December 2021


Russia: Between Poison and Vaccine

Russia’s ignoble policy of intolerance and eliminating by all means possible every form of opposition has again manifested by the recent poisoning of Alexei Navalny, an opposition leader and a well-known President Putin’s critic. Mr Navalny, 44, suddenly fell ill…

4 Basic Options For America’s Economy/Budget

The United States of America, was created, based on certain principles, of freedom, and liberty, rights and obligations. Far too often, we have witnessed, elected officials, especially when they are running for office, resort to making empty promises, and using…

Eco Innovations

The Plasma Thermal Destruction and Recovery Technology and Its Relation to Hazardous Waste Treatment

Medical and industrial waste treatments and alternative energy generation (i.e. waste to energy) are two of the most important challenges facing the world today. An ever increasing global output coupled with the rapid industrialization in many developing countries is forcing…


The Promised Land

As we look at our country today, we cannot help but observe a vast array of issues that will spark our attention. How we respond to these events will define our spiritual as well as our social identity. Our eyes…

Importance of Electronics Recycling

E-waste management has become a pressing concern of the modern times. Companies all around the world dispose a huge quantity of electronics every year. We, as individuals, contribute to that pile of e-waste, by throwing away everything broken or old….

News and Society

Why It’s So Hard To Have FAITH In Public Officials?

It is, concerning, although, not – surprising, nearly – every, public opinion poll, indicates, the majority of Americans, hold their elected officials, and public leaders, in, somewhat – low, esteem! Why should we have FAITH, or trust and believe, these…

Eco Innovations

Swash Zone Energy Generation Skid Device

Not long ago, I was walking on the beach, and I noted that it was high tide, and how much more beach was covered during high tide than during low tide. The swash zone was a little bit smaller in…


An Open Letter To Family, Friends, Countrymen & Fellow World Citizens

This comes at a time that is of enormous importance to everyone in The world, and I want to express some of my thoughts as we progress forward. We have, fought, and continue to fight this Covid 19 crises. Our…

Widely Accepted Facts About Plastics Are a Mere Misconception

The Plastic Dilemma Currently, there are varied opinions and beliefs among the consumers regarding plastic, and consumers’ perspective is just one of the many points-of-view, upon which plastic products are being judged in comparison to other materials. The manufacturers narrate…


COVID-19 Reinfection Worries: Confirmed Case In Hong Kong, And More!

There has always been a lot of doubt about how long the antibodies developed in humans after being infected with COVID-19 would last and whether a person recovering from an infection could get the virus again or not. This doubt…