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Month: December 2021

Eco Innovations

How to Create a 100-Percent Efficient Recycling System In the Age of 3-D Printing

Is it possible that in the future humans will have so many people on the planet that they run us out of all the resources? Yes of course it’s possible, it’s hard to say exactly how much the planet can…


Extreme Weather Events And Climate Change – No Connection But Opportunity for Their Agenda

No academic is perfect, they are humans, so let’s forgive them, but let’s also save them from themselves and the so-called giants whose shoulders they claim to stand on, for those past period thinkers were also humans – see that…


Four Horsemen of the Cultural Apocalypse – Criminology, Psychology, Sociology and Theology

Historic attempts, feeble and selfish at best, the four horsemen of the cultural apocalypse long endeavored to establish their relevance for defining human nature. For the tip of psychic iceberg, the regression devolved from philosophical contemplation to pretentious claim of…


Your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – 23 Vital and Easy and Simple Supplies

When a hurricane strikes, the worst thing that can happen is being unprepared. The second worst thing is to waste time gathering the wrong supplies in an attempt to get prepared. Getting ready for Hurricane Season doesn’t have to cost…