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Will This Year’s Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season Be Extended Due to Peak of Solar Maximum?

Solar scientists believe we are about to hit the peak of the solar maximum. In fact it could happen any time in the next few months, or at least that’s what is predicted. Interestingly enough, we are also in the…

Hurricane Sandy Didn’t Take Sea Gate Away From Me

Sitting on this beach, the beach of my childhood and early adulthood, I was enveloped by that familiar sense of serenity. Here, the stresses of life do not follow; I feel at ease and connected to the world. Hurricane Sandy…


Can Animals Predict the Weather?

It is a fact that many animals have escaped natural disasters by running to higher ground or moving themselves away from the danger long before people did. In the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 it was reported that elephants…


Three Ways to Get Over Post Summer Depression and Enjoy Fall

Lana Del Ray’s song lyric, “I’ve got that summertime, summertime sadness,” has real meaning for many come the turning of the seasons. The summer sun is fading, the heat is abating, and all the wonderful activities of the season are…

Weather and Climate Change – My Weather My Way

Mark Twain, the famous American author, once said of the weather, “Everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it.” He was wrong, we have all pleaded with Mother Nature in some shape form or fashion for a sunny,…


How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion

One obvious way to avoid heat exhaustion is by first drinking a lot of cold water. If you get tired of cold water then you can always have a sports drink. This is a wonderful way to overcome dehydration fast….


Top 7 Ways Security Guards Can Help After Natural Disasters

In recent years, we have seen some of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of our world. Between earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes, Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on cities and communities, along with the hundreds of thousands of…


Extreme Weather Events And Climate Change – No Connection But Opportunity for Their Agenda

No academic is perfect, they are humans, so let’s forgive them, but let’s also save them from themselves and the so-called giants whose shoulders they claim to stand on, for those past period thinkers were also humans – see that…


Your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – 23 Vital and Easy and Simple Supplies

When a hurricane strikes, the worst thing that can happen is being unprepared. The second worst thing is to waste time gathering the wrong supplies in an attempt to get prepared. Getting ready for Hurricane Season doesn’t have to cost…


Are You Feeling NYC Heat Rage? Here Are Some Simple Tips to Keep Your Cool

In the typical summer heat up in the Northeast, people have been noticing their tempers tend to be a little shorter as the thermometer has risen. NYC is in the crosshairs of this excessive heat wave coupled with the humidity…