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Problem in the Department of Justice

Many American citizens know that the mantra of the Department of Justice is to punish those guilty of crimes and to protect the innocent, but the Department of Justice has failed in this mission and this failure is known not only in the United States, but also in all the countries of the world. I want to change that, and I have the tools, but I am missing the authority and the finances to complete such a massive project. So, in the following articles, I will tell you the areas of concern and possible corrective actions that can be taken.

During my working career, a part was dedicated to turning around companies from near bankruptcy to profitability. This is a very difficult task. There are social and political issues involved, and no one seems to have a clue as to what to do regarding dealing with the relationships to bring departments together while protecting territories and jobs. There are basic tenets to follow in revamping these companies which also apply to the DOJ.

My personal experience has given me an inside view in how to correct the system. Having gone through the process and having my rights abused along with actual and continual threats of punishment does not lend itself to atonement, but rather to retribution. The system itself is its own worst enemy.

What do I have to offer? I have a background in businesses with knowledge and experience involving steel mills, jet aircraft engines, military trucks, and the RV industry. My service also involved being a consultant and I assisted in growing their business. During this time, I was warned that many of the projects I was given were deemed impossible by the current people in-the-know and I was expected to fail, but I was always successful. Many of these projects were technically oriented, while some involved people and organizational problems. Upon project completion, I am not the type of person to bask in my glory, but to look for the next challenge, and helping to turn around the DOJ would be the biggest challenge of my life. I have already spent many hours thinking of corrective action and in finding different ways of doing things. I have spent a lot of time while incarcerated and after release studying this problem and looking for answers. The DOJ’s problems will only get worse, and with its present momentum the problems will never get better unless there are huge changes implemented. I have written two books on the subject: “JusXtice” under the pen name Iam Clarize, and “Department of Justice Notorious Resorts” under my own name.

I am going to concentrate on two areas, one at a time. The first will be the Justice Department and what changes should be made. When I am working in this environment, I have been called all kinds of names including crazy, stupid, and dumb, just to name a few. The second area will be Bureau of Prison, including solutions for potential empty buildings of incarceration.


All the information I am presenting is factual as seen through my eyes while I was within the sections of the DOJ as an inmate. I like to write with a little bit of humor to lighten up the story, so if you’re offended by some of my adjectives. I apologize. I’m trying to educate you and tell you what happens and what has happened to me.

I hold no animosities, hatred or hostilities or detestation against anyone during my writings.

All that I’m telling you is what I believe would help and to change the system so that we can again follow the directive that you are innocent until proven guilty.


There are several major departments or entities within the DOJ, all under the umbrella of the Attorney General. They are the marshals, FBI, the Justice Department and the Bureau of Prisons and will be discussed, but limited Department of Justice and the Bureau of prisons, because my experience with the marshals in the FBI is minimal.



Many of you never heard this term, but it is heavily used in the justice system and many other departments within the government and especially in the Bureau of Prisons. We will spend some time or several articles on this subject.


When I first entered this court it gave the appearance of a mausoleum and over in the corner was a casket marked with my name before a word was even said.

The court room is a ghoulish looking place for a life and death situation, because it indicates only one way – death, and its very design is very inefficient.


My opinion of the grand jury and its functionality


the basic tradition has gone overboard and it is not necessary and in fact is unremarkable.


We have found that the docket sheets are a top priority but do not always contain correct information, or have things missing or information that has been modified.


The court seems to have lost its way in following the law set forth to defend the defendant

These are just some of the items that I will be discussing in subsequent articles. These are not all inclusive but give you an idea what needs to be corrected as this train has been derailed, but somehow keeps on going.

DERAILED TRAIN – an example of the conditions today

Have you ever put a derailed train and also an engine back on its tracks because it fell off? I have on many occasions while working in a steel mill, and two pieces of equipment are all that is required to put the train back on the track: several 4 x 4 large chunks of wood and a derailer. What is a derailer you ask? It’s primary purpose is to derail a train going in the wrong direction so as to prevent an accident up line derailing the offending train. To set the train back on its tracks we use the derailer in the reverse setting plus the wood to put the train back on the rail. This is what I am attempting to do – to put the derailed train back on the track.

President Trump has stated on several occasions that the Department of Justice is in disarray and needs correction, and I totally agree with him. The discussion I present is not one of condemnation, but I am trying to assist in how the Department of Justice can become one of the finest organizations in the world.

There are so many different aspects to the current system that will take a multitude of articles to even broach the subject, but having the knowledge of what they are, I have developed scenarios and then created a possible solution in each case.

This is not for me, but for my country which I love so dearly. I just want fairness in our justice system and for those in power to do the right thing.