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How to Create a 100-Percent Efficient Recycling System In the Age of 3-D Printing

Is it possible that in the future humans will have so many people on the planet that they run us out of all the resources? Yes of course it’s possible, it’s hard to say exactly how much the planet can hold when it comes to humans, we don’t quite know the answer to that yet, but we have seen where some civilizations have collapsed due to not enough water, disease, or have run out of resources. This usually happens in an encapsulated region or on an island. With the human population collapses, it very similar to when species go extinct due to running out of food supply or challenges in the overall food chain causing a cascading affect.

Okay so, I trust that you’ve read Jared diamond’s book; “Collapse” and in this book he goes through numerous examples of how humans have run themselves out of resources, and all the various ways which once great civilizations and societies have ended in ruin. If we take this on a global scale and we look at the 7 billion people on the planet and what the future might hold if they continue to procreate at any brisk pace, we can go from the micro-scale to the macro scale and see what we were might be dealing with in the future. There is interesting book on this topic you might like to read;

“Humans: An Endangered Species – The Only Solution” by Jason G. Brent, Self-Published, Las Vegas, NV, 2012, 121 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9854129-6.

Now then, in the book it suggests that it is impossible to recycle with 100% efficiency. Okay so, I take exception with the word; impossible. Mostly because I don’t think anything is impossible. Further, when this topic came up at our think tank we asked ourselves if it was possible by any stretch of the imagination to design a 100% efficient recycling system. I believe it is, and let me explain how it might work. First of all it would not work at the molecular level but rather the atomic level.

Each item that you may wish to recycle would be broken down into its basic form. Molecules would be broken down into atoms. Each atom on the periodic table would be recycled into a small container using a dis-assimilation device. Then, when you wanted to make something else, provided you had enough of the atoms needed to build the molecules in enough quantity to make that item, you could tell your 3-D printer to print one out. You would have all of the software from the “Internet of things” to tell your 3-D printer to produce it. Provided you had recycled enough other things, you’d have enough atoms to make the molecules to create it.

Now then, this would be a 100% efficient recycling system wouldn’t it? And if we could do that, we perhaps would run out of resources in the world as humans continue to overpopulate the planet. Things would just get recycled, just as nature has been doing on Earth for 5 billion years. Please consider all this and think on it.