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We The People Are Being Brainwashed

We the people! How many times have we heard this phrase? Yet, our Democracy is anything but. In truth the United States in nothing more than a fascist state. We would be wise to remember that fascism operates a corporate state under the guise of a democracy. Fascism is nothing more than Corporatism, the merger of state and corporate power.

For decades now the United States has been a fascist state. By 2019 the degree of which our fascism will have evolved far more advanced than Nazi Germany was right before and during World War II. It should be noted that the main stream media keeps referring to the United States as a democracy of free enterprise capitalism with individual privacy and property rights. Our so called democracy {Fascism} has evolved to the point that it is far more advanced than anything Germany or Italy was in the 1930’s till the end of World War II that our system of fascism actually appears benevolent.

To the sober person the question arises how could the United States so drastically change into nothing more than an advanced stage of Fascism? The answer lies in reverse semantics or the changes of our political and governing system. A system going in reverse instead of improving and fostering equality of all instead of the oligarchy form of government that has evolved.

The American people believe that the United States is a true democracy. We have been taught that the United States is a representative democracy responsible to the people. We view democracy to equal human freedom. We hear the word democracy all the time from politicians and the media. The political elite have embedded the word democracy into the public’s psyche. What the political elite have done keeps the people imagining that they are free. We are being brainwashed because everybody keeps saying we are a democracy.

Today, American democracy is actually a front for fascism. The word democracy now is just a key political word that glosses over that America in now a fascist state. When we hear the word Democracy it is now used in psychological so called warfare against the people. It is used to impress upon Americans that they are free. This, when in actuality the government has tightened it’s grip on everything and everybody in America today. When we the people imagine that we are free the political system can and does impose restrictions that have in every essence made us less free.

We had better be careful and realize what the United States has become. When mental democracy is used as a psychological weapon of the state it motivates the people to obey the state. Remember George Orwell’s 1984. Well “Big Brother” today is our government. The reality today in many aspects is a far cry from what we are led to believe. When you buy a home you really don’t own it. Private property rights are nonexistent today.

What is more troubling is that just recently Bayer and Monsanto agreed to a merger. The pharmaceutical giant with the worlds largest producer of GMO seeds sets a prime example of how far the corporate reach has become. This merger will have lasting repercussions that will be felt not only here in the United States but all around the world. What this merger means is that the industrialization of food will be complete. We are being brainwashed to believe that this merger will be beneficial for all. This when in actuality will not only cause more health related problems thus more money flowing into big pharma but will put so many small independent farmers out of business. Think of the price of food today, well in the months and years ahead this merger will in fact cause the cost of living to skyrocket. Poverty will run rampant while the corporate state reaps billions.

The food that will be available could actually be programmed like subliminal messages that occur on your TV screens. We could very well be brainwashed by food and or by medicine. That is just more of the continuation of the fascist state we live in. The future does looks bleak. There is a way to rid the United States of the fascist state we are in. But, as long as we have leaders in our government who are beholden to the corporate state and a political system so corrupt the chances of eradicating fascism out of our democracy will be impossible.