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African Wildlife Suffering in Drought

While the world’s climate is doing peculiar things to what most of us are used to spare a thought for the wildlife. Super fires are raging in many regions and forests are burning up native flora and fauna. Survivors are in extreme pain as they try to survive. In one case, however, there is some help. In Kenya, at least, one man has put the focus on the animals he is trying to save by carting water 70 km a day to give them a drink.

We think of Africa as a place where animals thrive, but that is far from the truth. When temperature soar, and it’s still lonely Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, the water holes quickly dry up. In Australia we have hit temperatures in the 40 plus degree Celsius mark even before the end of winter. Now a long hot summer looms ahead.

Whatever is happening here is also happening there. Kenya is on a par with the middle regions of Australia. If we are burning so are they. Animals are usually migrating now into areas where they bear their young. But what happens to them if there is no water? How long will it be before their extinction?

Perhaps that is what goes through the minds of people like Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua who is paying $250 a load and driving his rented truck 70 km a day to deliver water into a dried up water-hole. Of course, it doesn’t last long and the animals wait for the truck to arrive. They drink quickly before the ground soaks it up. Thousands of gallons is gone in a very short time.

If there were more of his kind perhaps these animals can survive the drought this time around. The question is, however, what happens next? What fate awaits these poor creatures when he is no longer around or when the drought gets so bad that not even he can afford to buy them water. Is this the state of the world we are living in now?

While Africa has its problems so too does the rest of the world. Not only drought but floods, fires, cyclones, hurricanes, and earthquakes are among the horrors many are experiencing. Should we, therefore, be mindful of how animals will survive when humans are also pouring over borders in a desperate attempt to survive death, as this video demonstrates where https://en.newsner.com/animals/man-drives-hours-3000-gallons-water-now-watch-lets-water-flow/

A prophecy states that in the last days the earth will burn. That is surely what we are seeing now. Even regions that are normally full of vegetation and green are turning into dust-bowls. Only man is to blame because only he is cutting down the trees at such a rate that nature is in its death-throes.

African animals may face extinction but before long so too will mankind. We have pushed the boundaries and the earth is dying. Beautiful creatures may be the first to go but we will all soon follow.