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Green Living – Nature’s Last Hope

Green living does not mean just using some ecofriendly products or some other green alternatives. It goes more deep and means being fully conscious of conserving out Mother Nature. As of now we are fully aware of the impact caused to the environment due to our negligence and immaturity. Some examples include, depletion of the natural resources, pollution of the air or the water, etc.

Some reasons that why we must immediately take drastic steps to save our environment include;

1] Greenhouse effect / Global warming:

This natural phenomenon has been drastically accelerated by human activities that has led to the global warming. This is mainly due to the increase in the use of CO2 emission. This gas is mainly produced by the burning of the fossil fuels. If not taken care, this may lead to the disturbance of overall temperature all around the globe. Apart from CO2 gas, other greenhouse gases include, N2O (Nitrous oxide), methane, etc.

2] Air Pollution:

The greenhouse gases also pollute the air that is not only hazardous to the environment, but also to our health. Breathing polluted air can result into many diseases and can even be fatal.

3] Water:

Water, one is the necessary elements of nature for our survival is also the neglected one. We all know that the earth’s fresh water reserve is limited, but what exactly are we doing to preserve it. We are wasting it and contaminating it. Due to our ignorance we are depleting the ground water reserves at an alarming rate by overusing it. In certain regions, the ground water has depleted to such an extent that in no time it will get depleted.

4] Deforestation:

Forests, apart from providing one the most important thing for our survival, that is, the oxygen, is also home to a number of animals and birds. Cutting down the forests for human needs is drastically disturbing the ecosystem.

Our Contribution:

It has become very important to act now so that we can contribute to save our environment or else our future generation will have to pay for our mistakes. Here are some points that we can remember and act upon on our daily basis so that each of us can do our part in conserving our nature.

1] As we know that one of the main cause of the alarming rise in the greenhouse gases is the combustion of fossil fuels, we can start by minimizing their use, for example, using our vehicles less and walking more so that we can save petrol. This will not only help in saving our natural resource but will also help in reducing the air pollution to a great extent.

2] Use less energy, for example, be conscious while using electricity at your home. Electricity is produced by burning coal. This releases a great amount of CO2 in this air thus polluting it along with depleting the coal reserves.

3] By never ever wasting even a drop of water. Finding new ways to reuse the water, for example, we can use our kitchen water that is water used for washing of vegetables in our garden. Moreover, we must educate more and more people about the rain water harvesting so that our precious rain water is saved and properly used.

4] Also, toilet flushes uses a lot of water. So using a low flush toilet, that uses comparatively less water than a full flush toilet can greatly help in minimizing water wastage.

5] Apart for land and other purposes, many trees are cut to make paper. We can actively participate by consciously cutting down our paper use by opting for e-bills instated of paper bills, communicating through emails in an organization instead of using notice papers, making all the registration online, etc.

6] Planting more and more trees.

7] Last but not the least try to educate and encourage as many people as you can about the importance and necessity to go environment friendly.

At present we can say that conserving nature is not a choice but a necessity. People need to realize this and must work in this direction to make our earth a better place to live in. We must not take everything the nature has given us for granted.