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Do All Americans Enjoy The Same RIGHTS?

What does it mean, if, liberty and justice, for all, seems to prioritize, certain people, over others? All men are created equal, seems like an empty promise, and/ or, rhetoric, when it doesn’t apply, to all! If, you believe, all Americans enjoy the same RIGHTS, equally, either, you are naive, in – denial, or, are walking – around, with blinders, on! The reality is, those Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, and rights, so many, of us, claim to cherish, and hold – dear, is far – different, for some! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Religion; responsive; relevant; rationale: Do all of us, experience, the same, Freedom of Religion, as others? Haven’t we witnessed, some, discriminated – against, because of their religious beliefs, ethnicity, and/ or, color, of their skin? How can we claim, to be proud of how, our people, have freedoms, unless/ until, it is equally, responsive, to – all? We must evaluate, if these are relevant, in terms if treating people, with the same degree of rights, and protections! Closely, examine, every statement, and action, taken, and the rationale, of the individual, articulating it!

2. Insights; intentions; integrity: Do our public officials, proceed, with absolute integrity, in – terms, of their dedication, and devotion, to protecting the rights, of all? Unless/ until, leaders’ intentions are pure, and they articulate positions, which, truly, serve and represent, everyone, without prejudice, etc, how can we possibly trust, and pay keen attention to their insights?

3. Greater good; goodwill; genuine: If, we want, genuine leadership, which serves the greater good, seeking an essential, meeting – of – the – minds, we must elect individuals, with goodwill, and caring intentions, instead of their own personal/ political agendas, and/ or, self – interest!

4. Healing; humane; head/ heart; health: We need to start, healing the wounds, which divide our citizens, because of, either, prejudice/ bias, self – interest, fears, or personal, economic advantage! Shouldn’t our leaders, proceed, with a genuinely, humane – heart, and ready, willing, and able to align the finest aspects of their emotional and logical components, in a head/ heart balance?

5. Teachings; trends: Is it, systemic racism, and do the teachings, of our people, create, an enabling attitude, etc? Which trends make changes, for the better?

6. Socio – economic; society; safety; strengths; system; solutions: If, we want, to protect all of our freedoms, we must seek true solutions, which address, the best – path – forward, and develops a system, based, on that principle! Rights must stop, being based, on socio – economics, and become, far – more – equal! Our society, and citizens, must emphasize, safety, rights, freedoms, and justice, for – all! We need to use our Constitutional strengths, to make things, better, for – all!

We need to demand, all Americans enjoy, all the guaranteed, RIGHTS, and freedoms, equally! Without, justice, and these protections, we risk our identity, and future!