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Personal Freedoms, Versus, Greater Good?: 5 Examples

It seems, nearly, every time, an individual (or individuals), opposes certain, apparently, common sense, measures/ approaches, they claim, it is their individual right/ freedom, to do so, and, the specific action, stifles their rights, etc! Is it, anyone’s right, to claim, protections from the 2nd Amendment, give them unlimited gun ownership, rights? Freedom’s just another name, for nothing, left to lose! Why do some people, resort to, wrapping – themselves in the United States Constitution, when they believe, it serves their purpose, but, only do so, on a selective, personally beneficial, basis? We continue seeing American politicians, using some vague reasoning, to become popular, simply by articulating some, empty rhetoric, and make promises, by appealing to some people’s darker – side! There is, often, a significant difference, between, any individual’s personal freedoms, and the greater good, so shouldn’t our national priority, be based on bringing people, together, for the common, best – interests, in a relevant, sustainable way! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, and why it matters.

1. Sane gun safety controls: Although, we often, witness/ hear, so claim, the 2nd Amendment, gives them, gun rights, in reality, is provides, the right to bear arms, but, true, Constitutional experts, inform – us, it refers to each state, having the right to create a State Militia, in order to protect itself, against foreign invasion/ invaders! Even, if it was about gun ownership rights, how could our Founding Fathers, have imagined, the types of weapons which exist, today, when, at that time, a rifle, took, close to 2 minutes, to load, and re – load? With, so many killed, and wounded, by guns, doesn’t it make sense, to have sane gun safety controls, at least, equivalent to the regulations, cars and drivers, have? It is not about, the right to own a gun, but, rather, how this can be done, to protect, the public, at – large!

2. Public health considerations: It is not, anyone’s personal right, to put their personal perspectives, ahead of protecting, the overall, public health, and well – being! During this current pandemic, when some, object, to the vaccinations, claiming, it’s their body, etc, isn’t that, somewhat – hypocritical, since many of these same people, claim they have the right to limit, a woman’s right to choose, regarding a pregnancy, etc?

3. Right to assemble/ peaceful protest: While we have the Right to Assemble, we do not have it, to do so, in a violent, and/ or, criminal manner! Protesting is, and should be, protected, but, only, if/ when, it does not endanger, public safety, and welfare!

4. Women’s rights: Religious objections to abortions, must not be considered, being permitted, to restrict, a woman’s right to choose! Since, no one, gets pregnant, alone, restricting anyone’s permission, to make their own decision, seems unfair, and unreasonable! Political attempts to eliminate, nearly, a half – century, of established law (Roe v Wade), are opposed to Constitutional guarantees, etc!

5. Religious rights: Our Founding Fathers seemed opposed to having any type of religious litmus – tests, and/ or, requirements, in our Constitution! In fact, it was the middle – 1950’s, when, the phrase, Under God, was added, to our Pledge of Allegiance! Every individual has the right, to practice, the religion, of their choose, or, to choose, to follow none!

Unless, until, our nation, prioritizes, the greater good, and seeks to bring people, together, in some sort of, meeting – of – the – minds, we harm our way – of – live! We must protect personal freedoms, but, never, at the cost, of the overall, best interests of our nation, and its citizens!