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Speak My Language!

“God wrote one Bible… and it’s the KJV… “

That’s what I hear in some quarters.

These folks seem to picture God at a table, writing a book, then passing it to us on golden plates. Kinda like the Book of Mormon.

No. Never happened. Not that way.

Some say the Earth is flat. We now right this off as silly talk. Well, most of us. Some have never let go of the concept and would fight to the death over it. Really. Some things are hard to let go of once you’ve taken a stand on their behalf.

Oh, and there was no Holocaust either…

Lots of myths out there, and this KJVO thing is a tough nut to crack.

All Scripture was indeed inspired of God. God spoke, men listened, and men wrote. In Hebrew. In Greek. We do not have those original writings. And it is they, the originals, that were inspired. Left to us is the task of finding, through a long series of translations, exactly what was said. We get constantly closer…

The message is unchanged from the beginning.

But all men and all translations are flawed. Tyndale. Coverdale. Luther. Erasmus. Westcott. Hort. But a perfect God has given us a perfect message that shines through every translation, calling us off the printed page into His Presence, where only is perfection.

Most pew sitters reading their pew Bibles have no idea what this King James battle is all about. They cling to the KJV because that’s how they were raised.

They got used to it.

It reminds them of their childhood days.

As with all prejudices.

Or the pastor insists.

Or it is the only Bible available at church.

John Macarthur and many lesser lights in the theological world were raised on the KJV. But they don’t prefer it now. I wonder why?

Did you know that a person can be saved, filled, sanctified (name your process!) via any recognized version of the Bible? Some of the finest believers on earth have never read the King James Version of the Bible. And never will. Nor will they ever need to.

My contention in the following work is that, just as the Reformation did not stop with Luther, but continues to this day, so the translating of the Bible did not stop in England, 17th century. Improvements are always being made… not improving on God’s Word, don’t even imagine that I said that! But improving on finding exactly what that Word is.

However, write it down: there is enough correct text in that Christian Bible you own [excludes Jehovah Witness and other cult types, of course] to get you to Heaven in perfect shape if you will obey It.