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Are You Feeling NYC Heat Rage? Here Are Some Simple Tips to Keep Your Cool

In the typical summer heat up in the Northeast, people have been noticing their tempers tend to be a little shorter as the thermometer has risen. NYC is in the crosshairs of this excessive heat wave coupled with the humidity of a tropical rain forest. The skyscrapers of Manhattan seem blurry in all the haze. Daily commutes on the NYC subway are experiences in people in suits trying to keep themselves from becoming sweaty messes at 7 am. While the daytime heat is brutal, sundown brings little respite. Even the refuge of the sunless night does not offer relief, as the concrete jungle prevents the heat from escaping into the atmosphere.

My morning walks at 8:00am through the streets of Greenpoint Brooklyn are already engulfed with excessive and unbearable heat. Shockingly, even a gelato at L’Arte del Gelato in downtown Manhattan doesn’t soothe the spirit. It’s made me a little testy. New Yorkers have been a little bit more aggressive, a little bit more energy, and a little bit more ornery.

Doctors are calling this heat rage. It is the theory that as the temperature increases, people’s tolerance for all sorts of things decreases. Perceived traffic insults by our fellow drivers evoke a foul language assault. With this heat, foul language may evolve into more aggression. Try riding the Brooklyn Queens Expressway at high noon during this heat and witness New York attitude on steroids!

As many of us already have air conditioners, fans, and the like, here are some additional simple tips on how to beat heat range and keep your sanity.

Tip 1: Mental Mantra – I am cool…

Remind yourself that you are actually cool as the mind can control the body. The mental trick can take the edge off our obsession with the high temperatures. A simple statement to yourself acknowledging the heat can make this a little bearable. As I’m walking my dog through parts of Brooklyn, and as sweat begins to poor off my face, I say to myself “I am cool.” Mock me if you, but it did make me feel the heat little bit less. Don’t knock it until you try.

Tip 2: Cool down with ice-cold water with flavor infusions

Sipping ice -cold water is a basic and fundamental step of staying hydrated and keeping yourself cool. I keep a huge container of filtered water in the fridge and after coming in from outside, I go ahead and sip myself at least three glasses of it. Is the flavor of water unappealing to you? Then jazz it up! For some low-calorie flavor enhancement, try adding some citrus to your glass. I have been fond of this mint and almond syrup found in some stores carrying Italian goods. Just a tablespoon of this refreshing syrup and your water is transformed from plain to absolutely pleasing. Don’t have access to such a delectable item? Then create your own my crushing some mint leaves and adding it to your water pitcher.

Tip 3: Strip!

What can be more fun than going around with the least bit of clothing as possible? While this can be a frightening visual for some (imagine traveling on the subway), it makes perfect sense to strip off the layers when the temperatures skyrocket. Follow your local laws of course and let modesty be your guide, but when in doubt, strip!

As for this New Yorker, he eagerly awaits Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to keep citizens sane when and if the power goes out. For if the electricity goes out due to the heat wave, no amount of tips is going to keep this man sane! I am cool, I am cool…