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Extreme Weather Events And Climate Change – No Connection But Opportunity for Their Agenda

No academic is perfect, they are humans, so let’s forgive them, but let’s also save them from themselves and the so-called giants whose shoulders they claim to stand on, for those past period thinkers were also humans – see that point. Over the last few years, running a think tank, I’ve noted how many competing think tanks competing in the arena of ideas have gotten juice – funding and support from academia, governments, and nonprofits – all because they were willing to “go with the flow” with regards to Global Warming Theory. Okay so, where are we today after 10 years of this noise? Let’s talk shall we?

The Obama Administration’s Climate and Energy Plan was discussed on CSPAN on August 26, 2013 by Ernest Moniz our Energy Secretary, who practically laughed at those who dismiss global warming as nonsense, and like an arrogant academic said he and the academic community were conservative and willing to have a dialogue with anyone over the data and empirical evidence.

Fine, I hereby challenge this agenda seeking academic who actually wrote a book that we’d run out of oil by now, so, he’s been wrong before, so wrong in fact, considering he calls himself an expert on the energy sector, that I personally cannot believe he was appointed to his current position. I hereby question the validity of global warming here in the apex of the solar maximum, when even at this peak point we have only seen global temperatures rise 0.2% in the last 3-years.

Today, the Obama Administration is again going on record to force our energy prices higher for fossil fuels and electricity, even as all their previous goals and plans of solar and wind have dismally failed. Further, in September of 2013 it was reported that the arctic ice grew at 60% in one year (2012), and unbelievable amount – but is that so? Or, did the alarmists tell a misstatement (lie) to the world previously and now are covering their tracks with the truth saying; “well it must have grown” since our last year’s numbers in 2011.

At some point the environmentally sensitive greenies need to come clean on their so-called empirical evidence, super computer algorithmic formulas, and hidden power playing political agendas and face the camera and then be divested of their scientific reputations. That in my opinion is the only way that the human race can ever trust human scientists again. One, or even a group, cannot claim righteousness, morality, or intelligence over all others without the integrity to tell the truth when it really matters. Please consider all this and think on it.