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How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion

One obvious way to avoid heat exhaustion is by first drinking a lot of cold water. If you get tired of cold water then you can always have a sports drink. This is a wonderful way to overcome dehydration fast. It lowers the internal temperature of your body and you will start to feel much better.

Pour cold water over your skin. When you get wet by the cold water it can refresh your system. You’ll see many people who join in on marathons pour water all over their head because it cools them down instantly. If you don’t like the idea of pouring water all over yourself then just damp a towel as much as possible and wipe yourself down really good until you start to feel the difference.

Make sure that you watch your weight. See how much water weight you have lost. Once you realize that you have lost a lot of water weight then start to replenish right away. Always check your urine to confirm and see if it is clear or not clear. If it’s not clear then drink until it is becomes clear. Dark urine is a sign of not drinking enough.

Always wear a shirt. It’s tempting to take off that shirt when you’re soaking wet but if you don’t have a shirt on then you might find yourself more exposed to radiant heat. However, you won’t have that problem if you keep your shirt on. One suggestion would be is to keep two or three shirts with you so that you can change them as needed depending on what you are doing.

Wear a hat or sunglasses. People who get use to wearing either a hat or sunglasses often times notice the difference right away when they forget them. Buy a few hats and keep a couple of them in the car so you can always grab one if needed.

Write down how much water you have to drink. If you’re unsure as to how much water you have to drink then simply write down how many bottles you have. This is a great way to avoid heat exhaustion. You should have around 6 to 8 bottles of water or more per day. When you write it down you might discover you’re only having 3 or 4 bottles per day and that is simply not enough for you.

Take breaks often. Don’t spend 8 hours straight in the sun. Instead, take a break and go indoors often for at least 10 or 15 minutes and cool down. Only go back out again once you start to feel better.


Whenever you start feeling nauseated, dizzy, or either worried then you need to take action right away. If the situation doesn’t improve then don’t put off going to see your doctor. They might need to put some extra fluids in your system to prevent heat stroke.