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Three Ways to Get Over Post Summer Depression and Enjoy Fall

Lana Del Ray’s song lyric, “I’ve got that summertime, summertime sadness,” has real meaning for many come the turning of the seasons. The summer sun is fading, the heat is abating, and all the wonderful activities of the season are wrapping up. School is in full swing. Pools are in the process of closing up. Sandals are being stored away for months.

Many individuals suffer a post summer depression. Studies have shown that for some, this may be linked to the gradual decline in sunlight exposure. For others, it is like the day after Christmas, when all the presents have been opened, clean up ensues, and the routine begins again.

But the changing of the seasons does have its perks. Here are three ways to get over post summer depression and enjoy fall.

1. Goodbye Steaming Heat

Fall signals the fading away of the summer time scorching heat. This author enjoys warm weather, but despises the torching combination of high heat and humidity – a particularly stubborn problem in the northeast. As the temperatures rise into the low seventies and sink in the evening into the fifties, one can enjoy much more relaxing and comfortable temperatures. Walking the dog no longer requires a shower and change of clothing upon completion. Cooling breezes brought in by open windows replace the buzz and confinement of air conditioning. I find myself falling asleep much sooner thanks to the drier and cooler weather. While I do enjoy the summer sun by the pool, after three months of it I am ready for a change. The middle ground temperatures of fall are much more pleasing than the extremes of summer and winter.

2. New Hues of Wonderful Color

As the sun weakens, trees receive the message that it is time to prepare for winter. Chemical changes in the trees and their leaves begin a beautiful metamorphosis of color. Dark greens begin to fade into rusty oranges and reds. A simple walk in your neighborhood brings a new visual stimulation to the eyes. On a recent walk, I allowed the stunning colors from the leaves just beginning their change to seep into my consciousness. Immediately, I felt the warm sensation of relaxation and peacefulness enter my mind and fill my body. Fall produces its own beauty and appreciating it can alleviate anyone’s post summertime sadness.

3. Thanksgiving Is Around the Corner

Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is my favorite. The food, family, and relatively stress free celebrations (the gift buying frenzy of Christmas comes after this more relaxing holiday) are soon to arrive. Looking forward to this wonderful holiday instantly makes me forget my nostalgia for summer. Turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie replace my longing for gelato, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Again, the arrival of fall doesn’t mean the end of life – just a change of environment, perspective, and sensations.

Variety is indeed the spice of life. Eating the same thing day after day dulls the senses. Nature has its own way of adding variety. While summer is behind us, fall has its own unique contributions to our lives. Understanding that fact is crucial to maintain happiness and keeping a healthy perspective. And for you die hard summertime lovers: June will be here shortly. In the meantime, add some spice in your life and enjoy the new weather pattern.