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Top 7 Ways Security Guards Can Help After Natural Disasters

In recent years, we have seen some of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of our world. Between earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes, Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on cities and communities, along with the hundreds of thousands of displaced families and an everlasting memory of what they’ve lost.

When disaster strikes, it results in mass chaos combined with collateral damage that ranges from homelessness, illness, poverty, and in some cases, a crippling death toll. Parents are responsible for the safety and of children during the difficult road to recovery; but even adults need guidance and assistance, on a far more complex scale – so where to turn? Relief organizations, government aid and law enforcement are busy seeking solutions on a grand scale, so in that interim, security guards can be a great help in lending their powers of protection and professional strength to those who so desperately need it.

Here are seven ways security guards can help during or after a natural disaster:

1. Transport people to the nearest shelter, or offer to drive the children whose parents are in distress

2. Keep people calm. This will help in avoiding health conditions and/or complications, such as panic attacks, heart conditions or other episodes triggered by stress

3. Prevent theft by watching people’s property. An official guard will work wonders in loss prevention, especially during a period when theft is rampant and resources are scarce

4. Monitor large, populated areas. This will act as a deterrent for robberies, looting and other crimes of opportunity – people are often in survival mode after a catastrophic event, and resort to desperate measures that they normally wouldn’t take part in

5. Patrol communities to help avoid potential riots. The time following a disaster is an especially vulnerable one for the affected area, and needs additional resources to ensure that further violence and destruction are not part of the collateral damage

6. Notify law enforcement or fire department of people trapped under a collapsed house or building; by acting as the middle man between the victims and the source of their relief, security guards can save not only time, but potentially lives as well

7. Lend an ear – or a shoulder. Having someone to talk to, or simply to provide comfort for emotionally ravaged victims, is one of the most valuable services one can offer a fellow human being

Just remember that every little bit helps, and even the most minor effort can make a monumental difference in the lives of those most affected by a natural disaster.