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Weather and Climate Change – My Weather My Way

Mark Twain, the famous American author, once said of the weather, “Everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it.” He was wrong, we have all pleaded with Mother Nature in some shape form or fashion for a sunny, rainy or snow day for whatever reason we choose. If the weather man forecasts rain on the day of our beach party, we so no its not going to rain and forecast blue skies and sunshine. Although we may not always get what we want under any circumstances we are all the elements that make up Mother Nature’s Weather and should have some say in how she makes out her day.

Of course if the weather always went our way there would never be a rainy parade. Ball games would never be postponed because of lightning. For every wedding day, the weather would be perfect! It would rain only on farms and ranches, where the owners wanted rain. The problem is that we’d all want something different, and who would we put in charge of weather and climate? We do need to accept the fact that Mother Nature is always in charge of the weather but we can pray that she does hearken unto our prayerful propitiation.

“Weather” isn’t an event. Weather is the condition of the atmosphere at any given minute on any given day. Weather isn’t written in stone or welded into place. Weather changes year by year, month by month, day by day and sometimes from one minute to the next. Just like we do. Anybody ever say, she can change like the weather?

Sunny skies, 80-degree temperature and a light southerly breeze is weather. So is a thunderstorm with thunder and lightning, a hurricane, snowstorm or solar flare. We cannot always choose our weather but can always pray for the most favorable weather conditions possible.

We can choose the climate in which we live. Climate is the atmospheric condition over a large area and over a long period of time. Some climates are said to be “humid,” while others are said to be “dry.” In a humid climate, the humidity is usually high, and in a dry climate, the humidity is usually low. Other factors such as emf, pollution and chemtrails have a negative impact on our climate.

Northern climates are “cold,” and southern climates are “warm”, but those descriptions are generalizations. A cold climate can experience warm temperatures and a warm climate can experience cold temperatures. “Climate” is the term used to describe the usual weather conditions.

You can choose your climate, but you should have some acceptance of the weather in the climate you have choose to live. You also have to be prepared for severe weather or unexpected climate change. Our protection from severe weather and unexpected climate change should be of higher value to us because how we treat the earth is generally what we get back in return. Stay well protected and enjoy your most sunny favorable weather.