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Will This Year’s Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season Be Extended Due to Peak of Solar Maximum?

Solar scientists believe we are about to hit the peak of the solar maximum. In fact it could happen any time in the next few months, or at least that’s what is predicted. Interestingly enough, we are also in the middle of an Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season in 2013. Solar flares do affect the Earth’s weather systems, as they compress the Earth’s atmosphere. When you compress the atmosphere, and when there are hurricanes blowing in the Atlantic that affects the flow of the wind, and the pressure. You would think that it would be more difficult to keep the low-pressure a Hurricane formed in such an event.

But that’s not how our super computer models show what occurs when you compress Hurricanes, in fact you get quite the opposite effect, you get a strengthening of the Hurricanes. At the peak of the solar maximum the poles of our Sun flip, and this changes the Sun’s dynamics, it also signals the peak of solar flares both on the upside, and right after as we head back down the other side, towards the solar minimum which should start in about six years and six or so years after that the pendulum shifts and we head back towards a solar maximum. Since we are at the apex of both the Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season and the solar maximum, I dare to ask you a question;

“Will this year’s Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season in 2013 be slightly extended due to the peak of the solar maximum?”

I do believe the answer is yes, and I’d also believe that we might be able to prove this looking at the almanac, and when we had the greatest hurricane surges in the past. Having the solar maximum peak so close to the time at which we expect the most numbers of Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season named storms, could in fact be considered the perfect storm. Right now this is all speculation, but apparently we’re about to find out – for good or for bad.

The Hurricanes which come later in the Atlantic Hurricane Season are sometimes the fiercest. As the season winds down the tropical storm events are generally further off our coastline or hit along the Eastern Seaboard. Is this the year that Long Island gets a storm surge cresting over much of the land mass there? Will, the DC area be a deluge of rain? Will Bermuda take a direct hit? Will, we see near Category Six level (the Saffir-Simpson Scale stops at Five) Hurricanes like Rita, Wilma or Katrina in 2005? We just don’t know. Stay tuned. Please consider all this and think on it.